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Thread: 2017 The Vintage Collection Fans' Choice Poll

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kooshmeister View Post
    Yeah, that happens sometimes. Even though Ben didn't die, they still "lost" him, and the loss of a child can drive a wedge between the parents.

    So fictional characters can't be fallible, basically, is what you're saying. And it's so nice that you think people who can't make relationships work are "weak."

    Different relationships work differently. They're not all the same.

    No, it was him trying to act tough.

    Not real life, but the way people actually act. It may be fiction, but characters can and should be believable and realistic.

    If you say so.
    Yeah in the EU they lost a son before losing Jacen to the dark side. They didn't leave each other though.

    No, you are saying that. You guys keep trying to tell me what I'm saying without actually listening to/reading the comment.

    I don't think that, YOU assumed I do.

    That's a poor excuse/explanation. They loved each other in ROTJ and in TFA they're split up? That's poor writing by people who didn't understand the OT at all.

    Yeah like I said, I don't believe that answer. People laugh at that moment because you can see on HER face that he's hitting on her.

    "Not real life, but the way people actually act."? Read that again dude. These aren't people that evolved on Earth.

    They're already believable loving each other and raising kids and staying married/together though. That's just as realistic as a divorce.

    Do you think that the EU's idea of them being happily married and having 3 kids was unrealistic?

    And then with what happens to their kids and how Han and Leia still love each other and are with each other, do you think that isn't realistic? :{
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    Disney? "Canon" you say? You must unlearn what you have learned...

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    I'm not sure if you have children or not, but the loss of a child in that way or even through death, can rip a marriage apart. Things like that can either bring the couple closer together or tear them apart, so I'd say that their loss in the Legends-EU and their loss prior to TFA are both realistic. Also, if you look at the Princess Leia novel from last year, Han was already out on his own running that racing team while Ben and Luke were out and about and Leia was doing her senator thing.
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    Meanwhile, there was poll for some toys.

    Sorry, do I look bad?
    May you live in interesting times.

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    When/where are we likely to get an explanation about the Tonnikas? If at all?

    I had resigned myself (for years) to them never being made, but now I've gone and become all excited about the notion of a possibility.

    That's thanks to you lot.

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