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Thread: 2017 The Vintage Collection Fans' Choice Poll

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    Quote Originally Posted by MrPhantomMenace View Post
    I think Aphra is winning as a Comic collector favorite. I am not too sure that most of the voters would be actual buyers of the figure. I'm seeing this as her comic book fans trying to push her popularity up like some fans did for Ben. The rest of the vote i cannot complain about. It is what it is. Out of that list I want to see YakFace done on his original POTF card done before the end of this run of TVC and to be truly honest, this list does not scream of instant hits that will fly off the shelves in moments unlike this guy which is like light years ahead of all the characters on that list in notoriety if you ask me. I am baffled he did not even appear in polls but i see him as an eventual getting done no matter what...

    Thrawn is certainly worthy of consideration. The last realistic version of Thrawn in the 3.75" scale dates back to 2008. But there's also the 6" version that's coming out this summer. The possibility for over-saturation is something to consider.

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    They really just need to make all six. Especially the three RotJ characters. All three were in the last 3.75 FC poll (and Sim Aloo was in the one before that too). There is no reason that after being requested so much for so long that they should have to win to be made at this point.

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    Quote Originally Posted by wedgeswingman View Post
    Right now it's tied between Aphra and Ahsoka from what I'm seeing. I think the Legends die-hards (let's be correct here, Legends, not EU. Aphra is EU now) are now trying to get their revenge by piling on Ahsoka to deny Aphra a slot to stick it to the new EU for Ben Skywalker getting kicked out.
    I think Ahsoka is just that popular. She is one of, if not the most beloved characters never to appear in live action. If anything this should inform Hasbro female characters are wanted. Last 3 polls had women leading them.

    Bit worried for Aphra but hopefully, regardless of results, it's a wake up call to bring back comic packs
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    Quote Originally Posted by The_Zayne View Post
    If anything this should inform Hasbro female characters are wanted. Last 3 polls had women leading them.
    Hmmm...true...which leads me to think that FEMINISTS are behind this!!!
    Always look on the bright side of life...

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    Jeditemplearchives Cranky Paul he's probably happy about Ben Skywalker being off the polls. Paul may have won for now, but fans of Ben Skywalker will be back in greater numbers

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