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So I understand here, You expect we'll see TFA and RO on VC cardbacks already?
That would be a colossal waste of everyone's time. We all just bought these figures via Walmart.
Or are you saying they'll put currently unreleased TFA & RO characters on VC cardbacks ?
That would be equally mind-numbing since the unreleased figures are at this point are now Tier 2/Tier 3 level of importance.
What sense is there to release those lower Tier figures on VC cardbacks ahead of the Primary characters ?

Oh well, I guess we'll see
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I actually agree with you. we've already seen that Hasbro teased the re-release of the Walmart BS Rey figure on a vintage card. I wouldn't be surprised if they focus on characters from TFA, RO and TLJ and maybe sprinkled into a few of the OT and PT characters.

Yeah, the main focus of the releases are going to be TLJ and Han Solo in 2018? Then also because of their newness we are going to see a few R1 and TFA figures too. That doesnt leave much room for OT stuff, so I would imagine there will just be a handful. In the mid to late Naughties, there wasnt anything other than OT figures, so they had to do a lot of obscure backgrounders and minor costume variations of main characters. They dont need to do that this time around. There are tons of main and secondary characters to do from new and current films, and they are safer bets in terms of sales.

Why dont you think they would do TFA and R1 stuff? And why would they be mind-numbing?