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Thread: Bespin Luke Premium Format

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    ugh that stance


    How can they make awesome Fett and Maul statues but give Luke Skywalker a funky looking pose. Maul is so simple it works.
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    Well, the pre order is now up.

    And I've ordered one. Think it looks like a great addition to the PF line.

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    Starting to like it more with the blaster option ...
    Not sold on the pose with the lit lightsaber..
    Damn.. I can't afford adding more flex payments to the credit card..
    I might do the single payment and pay for it next year when it's release around May or so...

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    From the main picture, it looks like a Vader is in the background. Does anyone know if they will be making a new PF Vader to compliment this Luke Bespin statue?

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    Is it not a switch out hand to offer both display options like they are normally?
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    Overpriced with a bad pose.
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    Just pre order it..
    Just got home and got a $50 promo card in the mail..
    Used the discount...I will pay for it full when it gets released next year probably sometime around June / July 2018...

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    I'm passing in the hope there's a old man Luke PF released for TLJ. There is bound to be some PF announced when the movie comes out and a Luke would make sense. A "Jedi" Rey with Lightsaber in hand would also be a must buy.

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    I much prefer the exclusive blaster pose, but i can't afford to pay the high costs from SS with customs and taxes to import it, so i'll give it a pass.
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    I ordered it and used the $50 promo card as well. I am really surprised this wasn't excluded but I'll take it!

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