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Thread: Disney Sandcrawler Playset

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    Yeah, if its cardboard I'm not interested. I remember a while back, 2012ish or so, a rumor started circulating that Hasbro may have been working on a large Sandcrawler vehicle. I had hoped that this was that since Hasbro ended the large vehicle program around 2012 even though they they stated a year prior that it was doing well and they had a library of large vehicles to keep it alive for years to come. Of course this was when Depriest was in charge, someone who actually was invested in the existing collector market at the time. The new guy seems like he couldn't give a hoot about the audience Depriest catered to.
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    I don't think there is any reason to think Disney would cheap out and go cardboard on us with their teased sandcrawler. Their 3.75" Starspeeder vehicle demonstrates what they are capable of developing and producing. That thing is bigger than they could have gotten away with, loaded with features and sports a fabulous deco. Their build-a-droid line continues to exemplify their commitment to going deep and doing their best to deliver satisfying toys loaded with articulation and, where possible, thoughtful accessories. At every turn over the past few years they have shown us that when faced with the choice being ambitious or playing it safe, they have chosen ambition. Their development team is clearly full of people passionate about the property and toys. Of course there are practical realities that will limit just how big a sandcrawler can be and how much value it will pack, but based on their performance of recent years, there's no reason to think this will be anything other than impressive. I say we're in great hands. The only worry I have is about price and availability.
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    I really do not think this would be cardboard. However the size could be an issue, I don't think it will be as big as some would like but still bigger than the previous versions.

    I'm hoping to see a preview soon, as I placed a diorama on hold to see how this thing turns out.
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