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Thread: Disney Sandcrawler Playset

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    So glad I have kids young enough to justify this purchase to my wife.

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    Excited to see what the future holds on this one... Wish more details would leak!
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    Any new news on this? Hopefully, sdcc will have some news. It'd be great if it also included a few extra astromech BAD parts like a couple sets of legs/feet, a torso, several domes in addition to the gonk droid.
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    It should have some features from both the PT and OT, like the front crane feature from AOTC. It's rather subtle, but collectors (who more than likely are the purchasers) will appreciate that kind of feature. I'd also like to see some detail on the interior, particular if they can include some of junk droids even if they are non-articulation single pieces like the vacuum cleaner droid.
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    Probably wont hear anything until SDCC, or even D23?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Masterfett View Post
    Probably wont hear anything until SDCC, or even D23?
    At least SDCC isn't too far off. Hopefully there are some TLJ reveals as well.

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    D23 is more likely the venue to see something about it than SDCC. Steven Miller releases hints and previews on his Disney Parks blog when Cody Hampton (Disney Parks product development manager) has stuff to share. May 20, 2011 was the cardboard mockup for the Starspeeder and the ship didn't come until December 2011. We may be a while off still
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    I got a feeling this is a cardboard playset with droids. Hope I'm wrong though since I've never owned a sandcrawler

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    ^ personally, I'd be ok w/ that especially if it included droid parts (really would love the unreleased paint scheme from the 2012 promo BAD pic like the red r7 dome, blue w/ grey/silver highlights r2 dome and trunk, a few green, yellow random domes, parts for the green cw vendor droid, etc)
    I would except an ep8 Astromech 4pk in fall as well
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