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Thread: Force of Destiny figures

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    If these are the 12 inch figures im thinking about purchased several at Target for 4 dollars each

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    Quote Originally Posted by darthisko View Post
    Sabine, Jakku Rey and Jyn Erso were marked down to $9.00 at our local WM. I almost brought myself to buy Rey but backed out at the last minute, since I really have no place for it in my collection. It was just an impulse buy due to the 50% off price.
    Thanks for the heads-up. I got the FOD Sabine @ Wal-mart today for $9. Great price for this amazing figure. The detail is fantastic, and I like the removable helmet. This is the one figure I really wanted from this line, and it's nice that I was able to get this for such a great price.

    To those who are looking in Wal-mart for these, note that prices & availability will obvious vary by location. That being said, in my case note that if you go to the store, it's not obvious that these figures are marked down (at least not in my case). They don't have a new clearance price tag (or a tag at all) - I had to have them scanned to make sure about the price.

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