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Thread: EA Star Wars Battlefront II

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    I think what I'm most excited for, is being being able to fly the Scimitar! All the other stuff has been around along time, playable hereos etc.
    But that ship is the first time, I recall, being able to operate Mauls ship. Slave 1 should be cool too, but I've flown it before in other games.
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    I think what I'm looking forward to the most is the Starfighter Assault mode. Fighter Squadron on Battlefront was weak. You can only fly a boring map for so long, taking out enemy ships, until you've had enough. For me that's usually after one or two rounds.

    With Starfighter Assault, it will be a multi-stage round. As we saw with Fondor if you're the Rebels you need to take out the shield generators defenses, then take out the shield generators themselves, and lastly take down the Star Destroyer all while flying in space and into the interior of the shield generator. And if you're the Empire you can just let loose and defend. I also think there is a new battle point system for this, where if you "save" an ally (i.e. shoot down a starfighter pursuing them) you get extra points. In the current Battlefront I'm a pretty good pilot, but I've noticed if I'm in trouble not to enough will an ally help me out. I think in that situation most see you as "bait" and you're keeping the enemy busy.

    The hero I'm looking forward to playing as is Kylo Ren for sure. I wonder if he'll have an ability to freeze blaster shots, or enemies completely?

    For air vehicles, not sure. So many new ones. The Y-Wing, TIE Bomber, and ARC-170 all peak my interest. For ground vehicles there is nothing to special. The Republic AT-RT I suppose. I wonder why we aren't getting the AT-TE at launch?
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    I've booked a week off work ready for the games arrival

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