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Thread: EA Star Wars Battlefront II

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    Oh I'll fully admit I'm awful at this. I just feel I was slightly less awful a week or 2 ago....if that makes sense.

    About a month ago I had a 15:0 K/D game with Maul in HVV and I just wish I could have more of those. Or at least more than one.

    And true, if this game had a WW2 skin on it I'd never give it another look.
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    Tried out the Cargo mode this morning to get the trooper crate. It just doesn't seem like much fun. The jetpack doesn't last long enough to go anywhere and the limited loadout crimps my play style. I really wish they would bring back the mode where you have to capture an area and push the other team back (Supremacy and Turning Point). Some of those battles could go on for 30 minutes or more with two good teams.
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    Encountered some really comedy last night:

    - Sniper who grabbed the ion launcher and switched right back to sniper rifle with no intention on hitting the walker

    - bunch of players on Hoth just blasting the walker without it being ionized... literally that's all they did. Shoot the walker.

    - bunch of players getting in the way of the guy trying to launch effectively setting them all up to get blown away

    - a poor schmuck that got to play as Kylo on phase 3 of Hoth GA and took one leap and fell down a chasm to play time as Kylo: 44 seconds (this was me)

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    He probably saw his Grandfather around and was to scared to talk to him.
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    I'm not that good at this game either, usually middle of the pack, but then there are those few games where all the stars and planets align and I just freaking own! I try to replicate those by doing similar things...following the same route, being the same claas, using the same loadout...but it seldom works. Every match is different. I do feel like I am getting better though.

    Oh, and I played as Vader on Hoth yesterday and I am really digging him now! Holy crap, he can throw his lightsaber half way across the galaxy now! I actually lived till the very end of the match and killed the guy dominating with Rey at the very end...while simultaneously dying myself.
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    Yea I'm not good as this game either. Usually in the top half of the middle of the board on a good day and most of my points come from objectives. I just don't have the twitchy dexterity to shoot accurate in these games. I just make it a point to not be a drag on the team. Frankly most people treat GA (which is pretty much all I play) as a death match anyway.

    You can sometimes read the other team and even though you can take the walkers down to less then 50 health in Phase 1 they are good enough shooters to make up for it in Phase 2.

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