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Thread: EA Star Wars Battlefront II

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    Yeah, that's exactly what I found myself doing! Usually I use it for the sprint capability more than anything else too. Getting to ion launchers or whatever the objective is. I usually don't even have a star card that modifies it active. Maybe I should just "let it happen", which is apparently how I got the two that I do have LOL. There's no real reward for completing all the Trooper milestones, like there is for completing all the Multiplayer milestones anyway.
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    Does anyone know if the Smart Ion Grenade Star Card (purple) from the Assault class does any extra damage against the MTT/AT-AT/AT-M6 after have they been "ionized"? I know it wrecks turrets, shields, Separatist Tanks and AT-STs (love it on Phase 2 Crait against the FO inside the hangar) but does it do any extra damage if it hits one of the bigger walker types after their shields have been temporarily lowered ? I really can't tell. I sometimes equip as when it is apparent from the start of the round that the team I am on is at least somewhat competent and we are getting to the launchers and hitting successfully. That way I can throw it at the walker etc after a ion launcher hit and hopefully chip a bit more health. I'm starting to think there is minimum/maximum amount of damage per Ion Launcher hit. Like a successful hit will always take away "x" amount of health and no matter how much the ground infantry blasts it will only lowers another set amount.

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    Funny you guys mentioned the Vanguard Milestone. I never used the Vanguard until now. I've been trying to get that Milestone for a couple days.

    So far I've successfully done it once (I managed 4 kills somehow) but it's a tough one for sure. I find either you run out of time, or a helpful teammate kills your third target haha. I use the card that adds to the active time whenever you make a Vanguard kill.
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