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Thread: EA Star Wars Battlefront II

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    Quote Originally Posted by 104749 View Post
    I think they're ridiculously fun to play as, haha. Hopefully, they don't get over-nerfed.
    Usually the thing everyone hates is fun to play as. LOL

    Speaking of nerfs, I watched a Star Wars HQ video today and it sounds like the following things are getting nerfed in the near future:

    -Supercharged Sentry (boo)

    Quote Originally Posted by Billy_Ray View Post
    Well, I managed to complete the "kill 50 heroes" objective today. Played a BUNCH of HvV and I think I was actually getting the hang of it after a while. And I tried using Chewie after reading the comments here and he really is a beast in HvV!
    Good job. Sounds like a grind. I decided to play as the Specialist Class more often and am actually enjoying it. I've unlocked a few things, and getting closer on others.
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    So I was playing HVV on Hoth. Vader choked me and threw me down the pit....and I lived. I'm stuck at the bottom of the pit. Yay fun glitches!

    I DID IT! I got over 8,000 points on Yavin 4 as the officer class! Then all the heroes were taken. Boo.

    But I'm still hyped I was able to do that!
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    Patch 1.1 is out, with loads of weapon nerfs, new map for Blast and new Hero ship

    Star Wars: Battlefront 2 - Patch 1.1 Changelog

    New Content:
    Blast on Crait
    We're expanding the ways you can play on Crait by bringing this map to the Blast Game Mode! Battle in the mines among the machinery and crystals leftover from the previous occupants.
    Iden Versio's TIE/In Fighter
    Now available as a new Hero Starfighter in multiplayer matches! Iden Versio leads by example from her personal TIE/ln fighter. Custom-built for Inferno Squad, this modified TIE has seen heroic service in the name of the Emperor.
    Iden Versio's TIE/In fighter Abilities:

    • Afterburner - Gives the starfighter a temporary speed boost and breaks enemy missile lock. The AFTERBURNER can be cancelled after a short time
    • Laser Barrage - Charges up a rapid fire barrage which deals high damage
    • Dual Proton Torpedoes - Fires two proton torpedoes which track the locked target and deal high damage
    • Inferno Leader - For the duration of INFERNO LEADER, all enemies within a radius are revealed to allied players. These enemies receive increased damage from all sources

    TIE/In fighter Star Cards:

    • Engine Heat Dissipator - Decreases the AFTERBURNER cooldown
    • Advanced Torpedoes - Increases DUAL PROTON TORPEDO damage
    • Vengeful Barrage - Increases the damage of LASER BARRAGE
    • Flight Commander - Increases the duration of INFERNO LEADER
    • Reinforced Hull - Increases the total health of the starfighter
    • Tuned Lasers - Increases primary weapon damage
    • Advanced Capacitors - Improves the primary weapons resistance to overheating
    • Repair Systems - Reduces the delay before health regeneration begins
    • Elite Pilot - Increases the turn rate of the starfighter
    • Engine Upgrade - Increases the top speed and how quickly the starfighter can accelerate and decelerate

    Iden Versio's TIE/In fighter Milestones:

    • Rapid Assault - Used Iden Versio's TIE/LN fighter AFTERBURNER ability 25 times
    • Precision Strike - Achieve 25 DUAL PROTON TORPEDO kills with Iden Versio's TIE/LN Fighter
    • Hope Cannot Save Them - Achieve 25 LASER BARRAGE kills with Iden Versio's TIE/LN Fighter
    • Avenge Our Emperor - Use Iden Versio's TIE/LN Fighter INFERNO LEADER ability 25 times


    • Reduced base damage of his EL-16 from 65 to 45
    • Reduced the time before heat cooldown kicks in from 3.5 to 1.5 seconds
    • Reduced damage of each Deadeye shot from 40 to 30


    • Reduced the heat generated per shot of her F-11D


    • Fixed a bug where Maximized Efficiency was not properly granting cooldown reduction

    Boba Fett

    • Reduced the damage per rocket of Rocket Barrage from 90 to 78
    • Reduced the inner damage radius for each rocket of Rocket Barrage from 2 to 1.5 meters
    • Reduced the outer damage radius for each rocket of Rocket Barrage from 4 to 3 meters

    Classes & Special Units
    Wookiee Warrior

    • Reduced Bowcaster center projectile damage multiplier from 1.3 to 1
    • Lowered Bowcaster fall off distance at the start from 20 to 10 meters & at the end from 30 to 25 meters
    • Reshuffled Bowcaster explosion damage and projectile damage to make falloff have higher effect
    • Increased Bowcaster heat per shot


    • Reduce size of scope glint
    • Added scope glint to the following long range weapons: EL-16HFE, A-280, Pulse Rifle, and Captain Phasma's F-11D
    • Reduced heat per shot for the following long range weapons: Valken-38X, E-5S, DLT-20A, DLT-19x, A180, and DLT-19D
    • Increased the bursts per minute of all Infiltration variants from 100 to 130


    • Reduced the AOE of Supercharged and Explosive sentry
    • Increased heat per shot for Supercharged Sentry from 0.015 to 0.017


    • Reduced explosion damage when turret is destroyed by blaster fire from 150 to 25


    • Lowered start damage from 17 to 16
    • Lowered end damage from 9 to 8
    • Reduced damage falloff end distance from 40 to 30 meters


    • Reduced inner blast radius from 3.5 to 2 meters
    • Increased outer blast radius from 5 to 6 meters
    • Increased explosion damage from 55 to 100


    • Reduced falloff start distance from 20 to 15 meters
    • Reduced start damage of Explosive Shot from 29 to 26
    • Reduced end damage of Explosive Shot from 10 to 8
    • Reduced inner blast radius of Explosive Shot from 0.8 to 0.7 meters
    • Reduced outer blast radius of Explosive Shot from 2 to 1.8 meters
    • Reduced accuracy of the final shots when Burst Mod is equipped

    Trip Mine

    • Increased the number of mines that can be deployed at the same time from 1 to 2
    • Raised the time until the mines disappeared after death from 5 to 15 seconds


    • Fixed a bug where both the Officer's Recharge Command and Finn's Big Deal abilities were not affecting Heroes or Special Units properly
    • Fixed an issue where each sector on the minimap would not light up properly the first time an enemy fired
    • Reduced fade in time for a minimap sector from 0.3 to 0.1 seconds
    • Stability improvements
    • Misc. bug fixing

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    So it seems... The CR-2 is worthless, yet the Wookiee Warrior & Vanguard ability seem to be left alone??? Plus the new vehicle is "Iden's Tie Fighter." Talk about a lazy addition to the game.
    See you around, kid.

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    No, the Wookiee was nerfed a bit. The nerfing of the sentry mode makes me has a sad though It doesn't even last half as long as it used to. TBH though, it was pretty OP.

    One thing they didn't mention in the patch notes is that they lowered all the requirements to unlock weapons and attachments! I logged in and had the 4th tier sniper rifle unlocked and a bunch of attachments. Was also very close on a few so, just today, I unlocked the 4th tier sniper rifle, the fast bolt speed for the 2nd tier sniper rifle, the night vision for the 3rd tier heavy rifle, the increased range for the A-280.
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    So the 2 weapons I was decent at using are now nerfed......great.

    And Boba will be even harder to use. Wonderful.
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    Thank you EA for making the Supercharged Sentry and CR2-2, two of the funnest ways to kill players, both utterly useless! No more blasting LAAT's out of the sky with the Sentry.

    Furthermore thank you for NOT fixing the flying lag on Kashyyyk. I guess it's an issue that has been there since launch so why bother fixing it now? Just leave it I suppose.

    Oh and smart move making Boba's Rocket Barrage weaker. Just use his blaster I guess. Rockets are overrated anyway.

    The only good thing from this patch was lowering the requirements to unlock weapons and attachments. I guess I'm just mad, but can EA get anything right with this game? Seems to me that since the backlash from the Pay-to-Win scheme they aren't putting much effort into Battlefront II. I see a lot of the nerfing and lack of fixes a middle finger to the community.
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    I haven't played yet - is the CR-2 really that unusable now?

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    Thank goodness they did something about the Wookies. A 3 year old could wreck stuff with them.

    EDIT: Buuut my OP Vanguard lives to see another day!
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