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Thread: EA Star Wars Battlefront II

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    After playing the Beta, I had a feeling I'd miss the oversimplification of BF (2015).
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    Personally I think the game is fun as ****. Screw the micro transactions. Just play and grind away at your classes and you’ll level up.
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    Quote Originally Posted by DJ121 View Post
    I don't have the type of lifestyle that allows me to do nothing but sit in front of a video game for 12 hrs a day. And I know I'm by no means a hardcore gamer, but I do agree. I've already been killed so many times it's almost loosing it's fun already. It seems like everyone on the other side can see me, no matter where I am, and get a kill. I can barely see them, and when I open fire, I keep shooting, and hitting them, but not before they drop me. It really does seem like the scanner works the opposite way. And how is it that they can shoot me through solid objects?
    Same here on all counts. And I usually chalk most of it up to them having better/faster internet than me, typically non U.S. players. Then other one is people who mod the game somehow to give them an edge. I can live with Hard Core Gamers being better than me, that's a given. But everyone i play against? lol
    My reflex/reaction time may be slower than most. I've been a gamer since Atari, so I do have some experience in gaming. But it feels like with the invention of the MMO's I get my *** handed to me 90% of the time. My biggest complaint is when you start shooting someone first, almost emptying the clip. Yet they have time to turn around shoot you once or twice and you're dead not them.
    Also hated knife instant kills, most of them would come running at me whilst unloading my clip on them, yet they still get the kill because "it's a knife"!

    I honestly don't know how these games have become more popular than traditional campaign style games. Are there that many people who enjoy mindless killing?
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    Played a couple rounds of Galactic Assault and offline team play before going to work.

    The multiplayer went good. Played three rounds and was able to use my Battle Points to purchase a hero two of those rounds. Seems less glitchy than the beta. Once I finished second on my team, the other two times in the middle of the pack. Will just keep playing and form a more in depth opinion in a few days.

    Team play is fun. I typically play as a hero so I can practice with them (Luke and Kylo Ren are fun). Team play will get boring quick, so I sure hope we get Galactic Assault and Starfighter Assault offline at some point.
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    I just finished the campaign & I genuinely enjoyed it! Han Solo w/ a beard alone, gets this game an 11/10 from me.
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    You can disagree with someone, without personally insulting them.

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