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Thread: EA Star Wars Battlefront II

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    Knowing EA, this whole "no season pass" thing seems like a ruse. Along the lines of: "No season pass, but there'll be DLC."
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    From what I read looks like they learned a lesson with splitting their players based on who had what map, if I remember right all maps will be free. It looks like they are going to go a card based system where there are common, uncommon, rare, etc cards to equip on your character. So while you can play the base game and probably earn credits to purchase said cards, if you pay say 19.99 you get a bunch of them for free. Also looks like they will be doing cosmetic skins and such as additional purchases.

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    Quote Originally Posted by LandoGriffin View Post
    Also looks like no season pass this time around! Seems like they really listened to the fans this time
    Lmao. Please, they simply found a better way to get your money. If the season pass idea were still viable then it would've still been a thing. Why charge a flat $20 season pass fee when they can make a 5-6 DLC's and charge $10 a pop?
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    Season pass was $50 but was one sale every once in a while for $15-$20 so if your $20 season pass was a thing that'd actually be a good deal.
    Nothing has been finalized yet so there's no way of saying that fans are being "taken" again but they are saying the right things so far as far as no season pass, adding single player campaign and content from all eras. Sure being EA they will probably find a way to mess it up but so far it sounds like they have really listened. If what kebron says is how the setup is going to be, I can live with that, won't feel like I am getting ripped off.

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    No thanks EA!

    After the terrible netcode/hit detection in multiplayer on the previous game, I think I will spare myself the headache and stress.
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    Last time out I got the game, and It didn't feel like a complete game until i got all of the DLC. Frustrated me that certain modes were exclusive to one or two maps. The old Battlefront games were somewhat better. I hope they give us more bang for our buck.

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    Here's the official link for those that may not have seen it.
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    I was waiting for the preorder for the pc to go under $40, so here it is Battlefront II under $40 for PC

    I have no idea how long it will last, I've bought from them before, and all the keys I got work fine.

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    Article over at screen rant stating Battlefront II will be three times bigger than the original release.

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    So do you actually get to do anything in this game or is it just going to be more wandering around and shooting for no reason?
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