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Thread: SDCC 2017 Character Keys

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    I emailed ACME and asked about SDCC and they said they had no other keys planned for SDCC. Not sure if she was just blowing me off or if that's true.

    Have they ever not released a key at SDCC???

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    Not too sure. We'd probably get a more official announcement if these were the SDCC exclusives.

    Maybe it is just a regular release and they're testing the interest in them? See if they can still pump out a few a year with a low 200-400 edition size?
    Would love to get my hands on a Hotwheels 2015 Celebration exclusive R2-KT
    And Hotwheels 2016 Celebration Europe - Boba Fett/ white prototype

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    Rey shipped for me this morning.
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