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Thread: Archive Party III Official Thread - Celebration Orlando 2017

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    Archive Party III Official Thread - Celebration Orlando 2017

    Hi all,

    With Celebration Orlando and the third Archive Party just one week away, I wanted to get a central thread set up.

    For the best and most up-to-date information about the party and all of the awesome things that will be happening (auction items, raffle prizes, games, activities, etc.), follow the Facebook Event Page here:

    Time: 7:00pm – 10:00pm
    Place: Ballroom Q (Q?) – Hyatt Regency Orlando (Adjacent to Convention Center)
    Tickets: COMPLETELY SOLD OUT – We’ve exceeded the capacity allowed by the Hyatt and no additional tickets are available. Sorry

    A couple of important reminders:

    • Be sure to bring your Brown Paper Tickets print-at-home tickets received via email or your physical tickets if you chose to have them mailed to you. These will be checked at the door and required for entry to the room and to receive your official pass. If your ticket includes exclusives, bring it to one of the registration tables inside of the room at your leisure to pick them up. Once you've got your exclusives in hand, your pass will be punched.
    • The Archive Party is not a dinner party. We've ordered absolutely as much food from the hotel's set menu of hors d'oeuvres as our budget allowed. The food is not what the party is really about, but we've done our best with the resources we have. Having a snack or light meal beforehand is recommended if at all possible, and please be courteous to your fellow collectors!
    • Bring $$CASH$$ - All activities require tickets which can be purchased with cash. The silent auction winners will be required to pay for their items in cash. There will also be cash bars serviced by the hotel, which will accept credit cards. The Pet Alliance of Greater Orlando will be able to take direct donations via credit card, but we're not sure if we'll be able to extend that to the other activities due to volume.

    If you have any questions or concerns send me an email at

    Hoping to see many of you soon!

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    Thanks again, Steve, I look forward to it. Thanks for setting this all up as I'm sure it will be yet another smash hit.

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    Quote Originally Posted by raven7dp View Post
    Thanks again, Steve, I look forward to it. Thanks for setting this all up as I'm sure it will be yet another smash hit.

    Thanks, Jonathan!

    A quick (but important update) - in years past, we've only been able to accept cash payments for game/raffle tickets and the silent auction, but the Pet Alliance of Greater Orlando will be able to accept direct credit card donations as an option, so hopefully that will help provide some flexibility for attendees.

    I've been posting most of the Silent Auction and Raffle items and Skye has been posting a lot of details on games/activities on the Facebook Event Page linked in the original post above, so be sure to stay tuned there for the latest.

    A quick rundown....


    Vader Case Mania
    How fast can you fill and snap shut a Vader Case with 30 vintage figures? We will dump the figures on the floor, and you will fill it up. Sound easy? Its not!
    Prizes: The top 2 timed finishers will compete against each other head-to-head in the grande finale. 1st place gets the 30 figures in their case, and the second place finisher gets the case they used. People who finish in 3rd through 32nd will take home one figure each from the Second Place's case.

    Pie in the Skye
    Throw a pie at Skye (in Vintage Chewbacca Outfit). If you hit him, you can make Skye say anything you want on the next Star Wars Collectors’ Archive Podcast.

    Vintage Costume Contest
    Who has the best Costume? Our judges will decide.
    Grand Prize: Custom Archive Party 3-D Figure Set (Admiral Afghan and CAT-AT Commander), Pugnaught head "prototype," & Large Archive Party Patch
    2nd Place: Pugnaught Head "prototype" & 10 raffle tickets
    3rd Place: Pugnaught Head "prototype" & 5 raffle tickets


    - Pin-the-Shield on Headman (The oldest game in Archive Party history)
    - Jabba Frog Toss (from Archive Party II)
    - Ron’s Rancor Keeper Rag Toss (NEW!)
    - C(ard)-3PO Monty (NEW!)
    - Luke Bacta Catapault (NEW!)

    It's going to be a lot of fun!

    See you all soon,

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    Many thanks to everyone that pulled this off. Max and I are looking forward to it and see everyone tomorrow.
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    Hi everyone,

    Finally back home and just now beginning to really reflect on how awesome Celebration was, and how much the Archive Party made it so. Just wanted to say thank you to all that made it happen and to those that attended. Skye and I couldn't be happier and look forward to doing it all again soon. I wish I would have taken more photos, but here are a few of my favorites. Hoping that those that were there can help fill in the gaps!


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    I had a good time! Thanks for putting it together!

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    Thanks so much to Steve and Skye for putting this one. Was yet again the highlight of my Celebration!

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    Thanks to Steve and Skye for putting on such a great charity event! Truly the highlight of Celebration is getting together with my collecting family, and this was a great place to do it!

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