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Thread: 12" Jumbo Vintage Kenner Dianoga Monster (2017 Convention Exclusive)

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    Never heard if he was made out of foam rubber , or plastic ?

    Thanks , Hank

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    I heard someone say a while back that G.I. Joe convention action figures shouldn't be stored in the foam trays they come in for long-term protection. Is there any potential damage from storing a plastic figure directly against foam?

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    The Jumbo Dianoga is back up for pre-orders today for members of our Premier Guild. Today Platinum members can pre-order, tomorrow at 10am pst Platinum and Gold members and Wednesday at 10am pst all PG members.

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    When is the trash monster suppose to ship?

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    I have one ready to ship if ya want him... Retail plus shipping

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    Quote Originally Posted by jedimasterc View Post
    When is the trash monster suppose to ship?
    Mine arrived today... Stepped on. Literally a shoe print on the shipping box and the interior box damaged.
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    When mine arrived it was in mint condition (Canadian address ). Luck of the draw I guess. Call GG about the damage and they'll make it right.
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    I emailed them with a picture of the shipping box and foot print and explained what happened to no response (which didn't suprise me.) Then I called on Friday afternoon and spoke with Richard. Basically he told me that GG doesn't guarantee mint packaging and unless the items inside where crushed there was little he could do. I tried to explain I'm not an opener so the packaging is part of the item. I also offered to open it if needed but he said it wasn't necessary. Then he asked me to send pictures of the damage and he'd talk to his supervisor but he wasn't sure they'd approve a replacement. I sent those plenty more pictures and got a "I'll send these to the team" response. I guess we'll see.
    "You were the chosen spud!"
    Revenge of the Spud

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    I'd be surprised if they didn't help you out. The packaging for the dianoga is half the charm of it. I'd accept a little scuff or something but it sounds like you've got alot more than just that.

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    I got mine Tuesday though it was for friend of mine.came in amazing shape.I do love the box art though.
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