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Thread: Obi-Wan Kenobi Mini Bust - 2017 PGM Gift #1

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    Awesome, thanks for the detailed reply. For further clarification, if I purchase a platinum PG membership, the two busts I can choose from are from the latest PGM exclusives, correct ?
    Correct. We have 4 PG exclusive busts (if that's what you are interested in) you can choose from for your membership gifts for this year: Lobot, Obi Wan, FN-2199 and Old Man Logan. As a platinum member you can choose 2 of those. If you want either of the others as a PG member you can buy the additional ones on top of your membership but they are only available to PG members.

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    Is there some kind of issue with this bust or something ? For awhile I would go to the GG website & they would have some message about how you could pre-order these in the upcoming weeks, however now I can’t even find it on the website? Or am I missing something
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