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Thread: SOLD: Please Lock

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    SOLD: Please Lock

    All figures have been sold!
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    PM sent is Zuckuss (tan robe not the robot ) is sold or available too or even the Emp. Red Guard ?
    Buying: Sears Canada Ugnaught Canadian Card vaccuform + Luke MISB/MIB Utility belt set. Buying Canadian Bilangual 3/7 packs. Or tease me with any MIP-MIB Canadian related items.

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    Please check your PM...very much interested.

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    Updated list and lower prices before they go to Ebay.
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    I saw your post.
    Interested in all except VC76. Obi-Wan (TPM) $8 (Unpunched)
    VC79: Emperor (TPM) $10 (Unpunched)
    VC80: Anakin (TPM) $10 (Unpunched)

    Please contact me via e-mail, PMs are full.
    Thank you.
    Looking for certain Celebration Europe and Japan items. Please PM me to discuss.
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