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Thread: HUGE: The Vintage Collection carded lot of 66 figures!!! Must see!!!

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    HUGE: The Vintage Collection carded lot of 66 figures!!! Must see!!!

    I’m selling off my The Vintage Collection figures. All figures on cards that are in Near Mint/Mint Condition. They have been in Star Cases since I’ve own them and it’s from a non-smoking environment. Each figure comes with a star case with you want them. I do offer deals if you buy 7 or more figures. I would prefer to sell them in groups of 5 or more, so I’m not going to the post office all the time. I only ship to the lower 48 states and shipping is $8 for 5 figures, $1 for each additional figure. I accept Paypal from a confirmed address + 3% extra to cover the Paypal fees if you don’t want to send the money as friends and family.

    My Feedback:

    Pictures of my collection are posted below the list of figures. Please note that some of the figures in the pictures have already been sold. The lists of figures below are all the remaining figures I still own. If you need better pictures just let me know. Thanks

    VC01: Dengar SOLD
    VC03: Han Solo Echo $12
    VC05: AT-AT Commander $25
    VC07: Dack Ralter $15
    VC09: Boba Fett $25
    VC11: Cloud Car Pilot $10
    VC14: Sandtrooper SOLD
    VC15: Clone Trooper (ROTS) $12 (Unpunched)
    VC18: Manga Guard $25
    VC19: Commander Cody $20
    VC20: Yoda (ROTS) $20
    VC21: Gamorrean Guard $20
    VC22: Ackbar $15
    VC23: Jedi Luke $25 (Unpunched)
    VC24: Klaatu $15
    VC26: Rebel Commando SOLD
    VC28: Wedge $15 (Unpunched)
    VC30: Zam Wesell $20
    VC31: Obi-Wan (AOTC) $15 (Unpunched)
    VC32: Anakin (AOTC) $15 (Unpunched)
    VC33: Padme (AOTC) SOLD
    VC36: Senate Guard SOLD
    VC38: Clone Trooper 212th $20
    VC39: Luke Skywalker (Death Star) SOLD
    VC40: R5-D4 $12
    VC42: Han Solo (Yavin) SOLD
    VC43: Commander Gree SOLD
    VC45: Clone Trooper (AOTC) $15
    VC46: AT-RT Driver $15
    VC47: Lando $15
    VC49: Fi-Ek Sirch $20
    VC50: Han Solo (Bespin) SOLD
    VC52: Rebel Fleet Trooper SOLD
    VC53: Bom Vimdin $9
    VC56: Kithaba $10
    VC57: Dr. Evazan $10
    VC59: Nor Anor SOLD
    VC60: 501st Clone Trooper $20
    VC63: B-Wing Pilot SOLD
    VC65: Tie Fighter Pilot SOLD
    VC71: Mawhonic SOLD
    VC73: Aurra Sing SOLD
    VC75: Qui-Gon $10 (Unpunched)
    VC76. Obi-Wan (TPM) $10 (Unpunched)
    VC77: Ratts & Pit Droid $9 (Unpunched)
    VC78: Battle Droid) SOLD
    VC79: Emperor (TPM) $12 (Unpunched)
    VC80: Anakin (TPM) $12 (Unpunched)
    VC81: Ben Quadinaros $9 (Unpunched)
    VC82: Daultay Dofine $9
    VC83: Naboo Royal Guard $9
    VC84: Queen Amidala SOLD
    VC85: Quinlan $9 (Unpunched)
    VC86: Darth Maul SOLD
    VC87: Luke Sandstorm $14
    VC89: Lando Sandstorm SOLD
    VC90 Cracken $10
    VC92: Clone Wars Anakin SOLD
    VC93: Darth Vader SOLD
    VC94: Imperial Navy Commander SOLD
    VC95: Luke Skywalker (Hoth) $15 (Unpunched)
    VC97: Clone Trooper Pilot (ROTS) $12 (Unpunched)
    VC109: Blue Clone Trooper (AOTC) SOLD
    VC110: Shocktrooper SOLD
    VC111: Bespin Leia SOLD
    VC114: Prune Face SOLD

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    PM sent is Zuckuss (tan robe not the robot ) is sold or available too or even the Emp. Red Guard ?
    Buying: Sears Canada Ugnaught Canadian Card vaccuform + Luke MISB/MIB Utility belt set. Buying Canadian Bilangual 3/7 packs. Or tease me with any MIP-MIB Canadian related items.

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