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Thread: 30th Anniv Gold chase figs & 12inch '96/'97 figures Cheap!

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    30th Anniv Gold chase figs & 12inch '96/'97 figures Cheap!


    Howdy guys! A lot of you probably don't know me in this section, but I was a very active member here for the better part of a decade in the vintage section. Long story short another baby is on the way and I found some boxes stored I had completely forgot about so they need to go. I'm gonna take a bath on this stuff most likely, but meh that's life :p.

    My PM box has nearly 2000k messages and I don't have the time to weed it down to 250 so please email me at cpthnsolo ____at____ (properly formatted of course).

    30th Anniv gold coin chase figures:
    Boba Fett, Animated Fett, Chewbacca, Stormtrooper, Darktrooper, R2-D2, Galactic Marine, Darth Vader
    McQuarrie Boba Fett/Stormtropper/Chewbacca (follow the album the pics are in to see the backs of the figures and closeups on the lot of 8)

    I was going to break them into two lots on ebay, but if someone wants all 11 I'll sell them for $10ea IF you buy the lot. I'll also them in an original shipper box from that assortment (it will be double boxed of course). All figures were pulled from cases or pegs myself in the wee hours of the morning and stored in this box since so they're case fresh.

    I also have 25 of the 12" collector series figures. Most of the dark blue/light blue variants, multiple tusken raiders, stormtroopers, obi-wans, & lukes mainly. One at least on lando, leia, vader, and another or two. All boxes are still pristine, but four or five of the figures inside the box have some slight discoloration on the clothes somewhere. Rather than piece these out in lots for $10 to $30each, if someone is willing to pay the shipping I'll pack all 25 in a huge box and sell the lot for just $8ea!

    I'm in Orlando if someone reading this is local and would like to save on shipping . Remember, EMAIL ONLY as my pm box here is overflowing. Or you can text me at 4o7,9o2, 7treetreeSix. Thanks guys!
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    Here are pics of the lot of 25 collector series 12" figures. A couple have price tags, but nearly all are case fresh as you can see. Four of the 25 (three of them Luke) have some amount of discoloration to their robes, but again I'm only asking $8ea for the lot. The lot includes the hard to find Canadian Ben in both light and dark blue boxes too!

    Description of the lot:

    25 total
    trilogo obiwan
    obi-wan french canadian (light blue)
    tusken raider
    tusken raider
    tusken raider

    han (dark blue)
    vader (dark blue)
    Luke bespin
    obi (dark blue)
    obi french canadian (dark blue)

    Luke (dark blue) bincolars on hip *light discoloration on clothes
    Luke (dark blue) binocs on card *some discoloration
    Luke (dark blue) bincos on card
    Luke (dark blue) binocs on hip *tiny amount of spotting near binocs
    Obi-wan (light blue)
    Obi-wan (light blue)
    Obi-wan (light blue)
    Obi-wan (light blue)
    Obi-wan (light blue) *some discoloration at bottom of robe

    also, kenner 12" T2 figure case fresh $8

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