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Thread: A Couple Black Series 6" Snowtroopers Out And About

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    A Couple Black Series 6" Snowtroopers Out And About

    Please don't any creative person think this is my true attempt at telling a story. Recently we had almost two feet of snow, and before it melted too much, I took a couple BS 6" Snowtroopers out to take some pics. After I was editing them, several of them felt like they could be arranged almost into a little adventure. Not a true story though, more like a series of post cards that mark several moments of an adventure. Again, not taken to tell a story as I've never done that. Just a few pics for myself that ended up looking like they could suggest an adventure.

    Out to recon a suspected (but inevitably abandoned) Rebel base, our two Imperial friends find themselves separated from the group, and off the map.

    One lad finds himself going nowhere in a cave

    when the other spots something that makes him think they should try a different direction.

    However, he also finds the tracks of some beast and they reconsider the wisdom in going this way.

    They finally find themselves upon a rudimentary road and decide to follow it, hoping to make contact with whoever cleared it, and to eventually rejoin their group.

    For something simple that ended up being created from a coincidence, I hope you found it amusing. Please don't judge/critique it as a planned attempt at storytelling. They were not taken with any thought as to being connected. The fact that one of them never changes his pose shows this.
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    Cool story bro.

    Those are some nice photos. 6" figures look better than 3.75 in some natural settings.

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    Thanks for posting. Are the 6 inch troopers normally that off-white or is it just the light? They almost look brown to me. They don't sell those anywhere near where I live, so I never get to see them in person.

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