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Thread: Vintage Hasbro 12 Inch Dioramas

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    Vintage Hasbro 12 Inch Dioramas

    There was a discussion on the Black Series thread about the 12 inch Tusken Raider - regarding the Gaffi Stick vs Blaster version. Made me dig out some old photos. These was a pretty nice lineup of figures over the years.

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    Combination of Hasbro, Sideshow and Gentle Giant.

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    Excellent pictures. I'm especially impressed by the Cantina scene, since the cantina creatures were my favorite characters as a kid back in the day (and still are, for that matter). The Sideshow Momaw Nadon is one of my top-give favorite 12" figures. Also like the Cantina band members (they look like the 12" Hasbro figures from the '90's). The diorama looks like a much larger version of the original cardboard one from the '70's (never had this, just seen pictures). Very cool!

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