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Thread: This week's Hypothetical Ethics Question: Once a Scammer?

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    This week's Hypothetical Ethics Question: Once a Scammer?

    This week's Hypothetical Ethics Question:

    If you have done shady things in the past, what is required to make that right? In other words, let's say 5-10 years ago, you ripped someone off or at least attempted to. What do you have to do in order to be forgiven by the community? Is it even possible?

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    I don't know that it's possible to recover after being caught in a scam. People may forgive a scammer over a long period of time, but they will never forget being scammed and most likely will never trust that person ever again. As that saying goes, "Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me."
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    I agree with Kenner76. You can't trust a scammer.
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    A leopard never changes its spots , its game over .

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    I agree w kenner and greedo! These guys are usually just between scams!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Greedo1974 View Post
    A leopard never changes its spots , its game over .
    I agree. It's a character flaw.
    "Gentlemen, to evil."
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    While normally I would agree but I happen to know a guy who completely turned things around and nearly every loose collector uses his coo guides and other knowledge and info on a daily basis. The person(s) he sold those items to may not or have never forgiven him, but the community seems to have accepted and in some aspects even embraced him.

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    I think it totally depends on the scale of the scam...I've been sold figures with reproduction weapons/capes and been given the old 'really, I thought they were original' which I totally know is a lie but I'm sure this happens to every collector and just something you have to live with but in the case of a much larger and expensive scam over a lot of trades then I'd have to say no.

    It's hard to earn back trust and when buying off a known scammer, no matter how long ago it was, you'd always have the thought of getting ripped off in the back of your mind

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    I agree with you guys, it's hard to trust someone that scammed you even if it was a long time ago. Most likely they'll remember you and try their crap again, that's what you gotta be aware of. Also I'm just wondering, would this apply to someone like Brian's toys ? I've heard about a lot of people having issues with him.

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    Brian helped me rebuild my collection in the mid-90's when he was still selling out of his house. I don't even remember how I found him since I lived in San Diego but he was so helpful back then. He offered the vintage figures in segments: if I remember correctly it was 300 for the first 21 in C9+ condition (DS droid and 3pO were immaculate and too stiff to move), 300 for all the ESB figures (like 27 figures I think), 300 for the ROTJ figures, and then 1000 for the POTF ones. I did the POTF ones piece by piece and remember I got a pristine R2 pop up for just a little over 100 bucks and even Yak Face was under 200... Brian's golden in my book!

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