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Thread: Zelda Breath of the wild...possible spoilers

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    Zelda Breath of the wild...possible spoilers

    I know there is some talks in the Nintendo news thread, but I thought instead of posting in there, I would post here. I am going to try not to post too many spoilers myself, but I put spoilers into the title, and I will put it in spoiler tags
    For my comment

    I love this game, it is my favorite game I have ever played. I have probably 20 hours into it already and I have only scratched the surface. the puzzles are great and the fights are challenging.


    I finally finished the ruta section. it was really tricky for some of the puzzles. I had to look up 1 puzzle and 1 location. for the most part, I try everything I can to not lookup the puzzles, but I couldn't figure it out. Also, attack a chicken. its awesome.
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