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Thread: Zelda Breath of the wild...possible spoilers

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    Zelda Breath of the wild...possible spoilers

    I know there is some talks in the Nintendo news thread, but I thought instead of posting in there, I would post here. I am going to try not to post too many spoilers myself, but I put spoilers into the title, and I will put it in spoiler tags
    For my comment

    I love this game, it is my favorite game I have ever played. I have probably 20 hours into it already and I have only scratched the surface. the puzzles are great and the fights are challenging.


    I finally finished the ruta section. it was really tricky for some of the puzzles. I had to look up 1 puzzle and 1 location. for the most part, I try everything I can to not lookup the puzzles, but I couldn't figure it out. Also, attack a chicken. its awesome.
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    Haven't found a Switch yet, but I'm playing BOTW on my WiiU. Great game! It's like a Zelda version of Skyrim. I left the beginning area and have been just wandering around and exploring for 20 or so hours, and I've only explored east of where the game starts. The map is so huge, that I can see myself still exploring the world for the rest of the year. I'm blown away. The climbing ability is so genius and really makes the game. I always find myself climbing the highest peaks I find, and sometimes there's a treasure chest waiting.
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    i am loving this game, and i am just taking my time though. many people online are completing the game, i am just walking around seeing what i can find on my own. i try not to lookup puzzles if i cant figure them out and i have only had 2 or 3 that i needed to lookup.

    i got the hylean shield and the master sword this weekend. the master sword was by accident. i also got all of the ancient armor. i spent all of sunday killing guardians to get the mats to create them.
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    i am liking the new DLC master sword trials.
    i did the first one already and just started the 2nd level, but didnt get too far

    i also tried master mode. wow its hard
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