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Thread: Helping Out: RHODE ISLAND COMIC CON 2017!

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    I'm able to extend the ROCCON Deadline to a week from today, Wednesday, September 13!


    Autograph Price list:
    *Please remember to add my fees to the autograph costs when making payments.*
    Burt Ward – $60 (His 8x10's) & $100 (Fan brought items)
    Jeremy Bulloch – $40
    Nana Visitor – $40
    Felix Silla – $25
    Carey Means – SOLD OUT (?)
    Glenn Morshower – $30
    David Yost – TBD (I estimate $30)
    Karen Ashley – $30
    & Chalet Brannan – $30
    Patricia Quinn has CANCELLED RocCon.

    My helper’s fees for RocCon guests are as follows:
    Show Pick-Ups and Send-Ins 11x14 or smaller: $5
    Send-Ins larger than 11x14 (posters, action figures, etc.): $10
    If you need more than one from the same guest, I’ll do the first for the pricing above and additional signatures from that same guest for $5 each (no matter the item).

    Shipping is via USPS Priority Mail. I charge exactly what the USPS charges. For 8x10s and anything able to fit in the Flat Rate Envelope it is $6.65.
    Pricing on other items will vary. Message me with what you want signed and I’ll get you a quote.

    Deadline for Payments (PayPal 'Gift' or please cover the fees) for RocCon: September 13th, 2017
    Deadline for Send-Ins for RocCon: September 13th, 2017
    **If sending anything in, please remember to include a note with your name, Rebelscum ID, email address, and any signing instructions.**

    If there are any other questions, you can ask here or PM me!
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    Tomorrow is the last day to order anything from RocCon guests: Burt Ward, Nana Visitor, Jeremy Bulloch, David Yost, Glenn Morshower, Felix Silla, & Karen Ashley!

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    sent you a pm
    Oh maaaan that was my dinner.
    No,No,No this suckers electrical.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DarthRavenger View Post
    sent you a pm
    Sending reply now!

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    Christopher Lloyd was added to RICC today!

    Also, this is the Last Call for RocCon!! If you need anything from the guests this weekend, I need payment by tonight.

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    RocCon orders are complete!

    I was sad to see (though not entirely surprised) that Jeremy Bulloch doesn't seem to be in the best of health, anymore. He signs very slowly, his hands shook, and he was clearly fatigued by the middle of the day. As he's a great guy and very friendly, I'll be seeing him again tomorrow to get one last 8x10. If anyone else needs a table pick-up, let me know and I can still get one for you.

    He doesn't have any Official Pix photos anymore though. They were replaced with the Topps Authentics 8x10s.

    Full convention report and photos coming tomorrow or Monday!!

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    Unfortunately, it looks like Gene Simmons may have cancelled RICC... He's not listed under the cancellations, though.
    In fact, Rhode Island has removed all traces of his appearance from their website. Autographs and Photo Ops are gone, & the concert information and ticket links are also gone.

    RICC is still listed on Mr. Simmons' website and the concert venue is still selling tickets, but I find this very odd. I'm emailing both RICC and the Gene Simmons website, and will let you all know what's going on when if/when I find out.

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    My ‘ROCCON’ After-Convention Report!

    Friday didn’t open until late, but I was there early enough to see the vendors still setting up their displays and volunteers still putting up banners for the guests, so I figured it’d be a pretty quick day. All went according to plan and I got most everything done Friday night.

    First up, Glenn Morshower had been on my want list for a couple years. I’m on a quest to complete the bridge crews of each Enterprise from ‘Star Trek’. Mr. Morshower was the navigator of the Enterprise-B from ‘Star Trek: Generations’ and the first of that crew that I’ve obtained. I brought my ‘Generations' poster and an 8x10 for him to sign. He was $50 for a combo of signature and photo or just $30 for a signature. I paid and he was very interested in what I brought him. He looked at my photo and told me that it’s good that I brought my own, because he forgot all of his ‘Generations’ 8x10s. He signed the photo with a nice inscription and then saw my poster was also from Generations. He asked me if I wanted him to add his character name, but for uniformity, I decided on just the signature.

    He told me a story about the filming of the movie and rehearsal. Long story short, he said William Shatner missed the rehearsal that involved the first ‘rigging’ of the bridge so that when the script called for the bridge to be damaged, the whole set would shake. He pointed out that filming was right after the Los Angeles earthquake of 1994 and that there were still aftershocks, too. Finally, filming began and Shatner showed up. Mr. Morshower said the director called action and the “bridge took a hit”. That’s when Mr. Morshower recalled sitting at his console on the bridge when William Shatner came flying through the air and landed hard, through a railing right in front of him. He said the crew got silent thinking Mr. Shatner was injured and laughed when he stood up, red with embarrassment. Mr. Morshower then told me Mr. Shatner stated, “I miss one [explicative] rehearsal in 27 years and this is what happens!”.

    I thanked Mr. Morshower for coming out and telling me about the filming of his scenes and go next to Nana Visitor. Ms. Visitor is very kind and greeted me with a warm smile. She asked what I brought her to sign and I showed her my photo of Kira in the Starfleet uniform. Ms. Visitor told me that it's very rare to have a signed copy of it. She also said that when the producers handed her the Starfleet uniform, she was really happy to finally match the rest of the cast. She signed and personalized my photo and then said it was even more rare for her to do what she planned next. She typically signs her character name as “Major Kira”, but since the photo was post-promotion and now Starfleet, she was wrote “Col. Kira”. I thanked her and shook her hand and walked away with a photo that is, straight from the actress herself, a true rarity.

    Jeremy Bulloch’s line was quite long, so I decided to leave the show for the night. Saturday, I decided to get an ‘Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.’ 8x10 from Mr. Morshower. I mentioned the late Bill Paxton to him and Mr. Morshower told me that they were really good friends, having been the same age, both actors, and both from Texas; getting their start at the same time. Mr. Morshower said he’s been in (I may get the numbers wrong, but I’m pretty sure this is what he said…) 241 films/appearances/TV shows and he’s died on camera 41 times. Then he mentioned S.H.I.E.L.D. was the first (& only) time he ever got to work with Mr. Paxton and his death at Mr. Paxton’s hands is his favorite on-screen death. I told him about the letter and photos I sent to Mr. Paxton and that I received them back just a week before his untimely passing and we talked about that. Mr. Morshower thanked me several times for sharing such a special memory and said that many of the actors he knows like to sign their fan mail, it just takes them a long time. He then showed me that he’s been carrying some photos a fan sent him for a signature, and he’s just been waiting for a moment to sign them. He also told me that both he and Mr. Paxton, while at different locations, were at President Kennedy’s last parade in Dallas. Mr. Morshower said that it was twenty minutes after he waved to the president, that Kennedy was assassinated. He also told me that he remembers everything about that day (right down to the exact location he was standing when he saw the president).

    We shook hands and thanked each other for the Bill Paxton stories we shared and then I had to leave the convention for a while, due to a family emergency. While I didn’t make it back to the convention on Saturday and on Sunday, I was very late (the show closed three minutes after I got there), I’m glad to say that the family emergency turned out to be a false alarm.

    Unfortunately, all the celebrities had left; except for Jeremy Bulloch. Although, Mr. Bulloch had already packed his photos away. I’m sure he would’ve retrieved one for me, had I asked, but I didn’t want to inconvenience him and just told him that it was great to see him again. We then started talking about Kenny Baker and I told him that Mr. Baker has passed away before I could meet him at RICC. Mr. Bulloch’s wife recounted how they found out about Mr. Baker’s passing to me and we shared a small moment to honor Mr. Baker. Mr. Bulloch then asked if I wanted to take a picture with him and, of course, I said yes. I asked him how much I owed him and he waved his hand and said he was happy to do it. Then, Mrs. Bulloch handed me a 501st card of a Boba themed R2 unit. She told me to take it in honor of Kenny Baker and Mr. Bulloch signed it. I thanked them both again and shook each of their hands before heading home.

    Overall, RocCon is a great convention. I really enjoyed going through three floors of vendors (although only the first two floors were packed) and the guests made this a great event. I look forward to next year and will be sure attend every year after that too!

    A photo of Ms. Visitor signing can be found here:
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