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Thread: R5-D4 - GameStop/ThinkGeek

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    Asked at GameStop regarding R5 and was told the only ones they'd sold were ones that'd been preordered. Also, the Leia figure and the Vader Legacy pack were gone, leaving just poor lonely Obi-Wan.
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    Quote Originally Posted by DJ121 View Post
    It's not residue. The cards were coated with a satin type of finish. Removing the sticker has lifted the coating off that section of the card.

    Well that explains why I couldn't get off with anything lol. Don't think I have ever had that happen to me before. Way to ruin a card, nice job there Gamestop.

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    Just talked with GameStop. There are more in the system. The first wave was to coincide with celebration but they have more coming in May

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    Quote Originally Posted by deskvader1 View Post
    Just talked with GameStop. There are more in the system. The first wave was to coincide with celebration but they have more coming in May
    Thanks for the intel!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Antman View Post
    Wow! These store employees are heartless. Just when you have a lead on one, the rug is pulled out from under you. Hope you find another soon.
    you have to go on the website and have the store hold it that way. then if they sell it, you have a legitimate complaint for the store's DM
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    If only. I did my hold online, they sold it, I complained and MULTIPLE emails have been ignored by gamestop. Luckily I found one at another store.

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    I just got my Gamestop shipping confirmation! Arrives next week.

    NOW, to decide whether to open or not.

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    So I preordered this guy back when it first went up. When he started hitting shelves about a week ago and my order was still processing, I called Gamestop to see what was going on, and they flat out told me my preoder was canceled and I was being refunded. I was pissed but whatever, what's done is done. I ended up getting a scalper one on ebay for jut under $40 after calling about 6 locations, none of which having any.

    So I get an email today saying my original preoder shipped...after they specifically told me they were out of stock and canceling it. Gamestop obviously have no idea what they're doing whatsoever, I hope I never have to deal with them again.

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    Thank the maker my in store order for the R5-D4 has shipped.

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    I also got my shipping confirmation.
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    Back door huh? Good idea.

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