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Thread: Query on how to authenticate an OLD BOB loose figure from the Black Hole

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    Query on how to authenticate an OLD BOB loose figure from the Black Hole

    Hi there,
    Does anyone collect THE BLACK HOLE vintage figures.
    I have a hole bunch of loose and carded but I cant remember where I got my OLD BOB from and want to find out if he is real.
    The only reason i am not sure is, they are hard to come by and I cant remember where I bought him from, although I know it was
    at least 10 years ago maybe longer.
    Are they easy to fake if at all, and are there any tell tell signs.
    If he turns out to be fake I want to buy an original so thought I would see.

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    Hello a long time fan and collector of Black Hole memorabilia, it would be my pleasure to review photos of your OLD B.O.B. figure. I am not aware of many bootlegs of this character having ever been in wide circulation (unlike S.T.A.R. and the Humanoid). I look forward to hearing from you.

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    H I have had all of them on card and loose there are quiet a few"customs" around many collector have been caught by the copy humanoid star and Bob post pictures so I can check them out.
    I started a thread about the black hole that was very popular on rs but over time people lost interest and it got taken out when they change the site you can see some of the stuff I had in my gallery.
    " i`m a jedi,like my father before me ! "

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    Huge BH fan. Have a bunch carded and loose!

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