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Thread: Finn (Resistance Fighter)

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    looking at the artwork on the box it looks like Finn is not that much different from the TFA Finn (with the exception of a white shirt instead of black). of course it's too early to say but I think we are all over the amount of Finn figures that were released for TFA. I think I have close to 10+ Finn action figures.
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    Maybe they'll re-use Han's torso and then put the TFA Finn jacket and arms on him.
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    He will probably have an entirely different outfit aside from still wearing Poe's jacket, I bet he has ditched his stormtrooper pants and shoes. Judging by the light colored shirt with open collar, it's entirely possible that he is wearing the same type of rebel uniform that Poe had on for the first half of Episode 7.
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    Based on the new BTS reel shown at D23 today, Finn looks as though he's got at least four different costumes. Those appear to incude...

    -Medical pod clothing
    -Resistance uniform (with Poe's old jacket)
    -First Order officer uniform/disguise
    -Flight suit (yellow - looks like it might be the same flight suit as a Resistance Bomber turret gunner wears)

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    I can envision the medical pod Finn as a deluxe figure and the flight suit version in some kind of battle pack with a turret accessory like the AOTC Gunship pod battle pack, but it's doubtful we'll get those accessories.
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    Guess this puts Hasbro in a tight spot on which outfits to make figures of. lol Because we know that they wont all make em all.
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    the FO disquised finn looks like it'd be ideal for a 2pk. But you know, I kinda recall reading a while back the Hasbro said they may not release a finn in the 1st I guess that means 50% of figs in wv1 across different lines/assts will be a variations of finn, lol

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    Finn in Resistance Bomber Fatigues wave one, calling it now.

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