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Thread: Scammer on eBay - Nicholas Gemas

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    Scammer on eBay - Nicholas Gemas

    Just wanted to get the word out on Nicholas Gemas, eBay ID swfan9876. He purchased 2 digital Star Wars Card Trader cards from me in early January. Paid for the items, messaged me his account name so I could transfer the cards and he then posted positive feedback for the transactions. Everything is good. Well, I just received a "buyer did not authorize payment" chargeback from PayPal. Since these are digital cards and not tangible goods, there are not protected under PayPal's Seller's Protection Program. So there's a good chance I'm out of luck on this one. Really pisses me off that people lie, cheat and steal like this. Seller's beware......
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    PayPal's "seller protection" can be so ineffective and can be made a moving target by scams like this. Unfortunately, it's one that every seller should dread and has happened with tangible goods like collectibles as well.

    The worst example I've read about are allegations against a particular eBay buyer by the name of Armen D. Sahakian (lagiant888) that would pull the same "buyer did not authorize the payment" scam, which should really be called for what it is - "theft by chargeback." He would do it so long after the transaction (in some cases a year or longer after the original transaction) that in some cases it was dragged into the court of law, leaving the seller exposed because they are scrambling for proof so well after the transaction that they had no recourse and would lose the case. Even in situations where it's pulled months after the original transaction, the scam seems to be timed around the point where PayPal's evidence based approach is rendered useless as tracking information is purged from most postal/courier websites.

    Here's a thread of the very individual who was publicly outed for pulling such scams. I understand situations where credit cards get compromised and fraud charges occur, but the fact pattern of someone that does this repeatedly is the very worst of a low-life moves.
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    This is an unfortunate situation. I know the buyer (he's a friend); if you were affected by this, the buyer is willing to trade the cards back to you in-app. He wasn't out to scam anybody, but he definitely wants to make it right.

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    that is horrible , hope it works out for you
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