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Thread: 2017 Finds

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    That would be fun. Lmk

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    Hasbrotoyshop sale promo through July 4: JULYSAVE17 for 20% off. Spend over $49 and get free shipping. They still have 6 inch Lando and Qui Gon for $16 each. Also bought some 6 inch FO Stromtroopers for $8 each, $4.50 Ahsoka/Vader 2 pack, $5.99 FO Black trooper & Speeder bike, and 3.75 inch Lt. Sefla to get over $49.

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    Saw the BB8 playset and the resistance speeder at Walmart this morning. Cutting back so I didn't try to buy either, but stuff is leaking out.

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    Anyone know a good place in the Chicago area to find R1 wave 3 / wave 4 stuff? Wouldn't mind being pointed to TLJ stuff, but I don't mind waiting for that as much - but I'd like to buy some of the R1 stuff without resorting to online sale. Thanks.

    (Yes, I logged in again just to ask this...)
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    Still a collector, but not frequenting Rebelscum, JTA, JediBusiness, etc. anymore.

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