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Thread: Whatever happened to 6" Boba Fett jumbo? Will we see 6" jumbo Kenner@ 40th in 2017?

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    Quote Originally Posted by BithBandLeader View Post
    It wasn't a hint. It wasn't an announcement. It was never planned, never pitched. It was just a video for our parent company showing off the capabilities and and applications of one of their products.

    You should more defiantly pitch this!
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    Hasbro has that scale all locked up.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BithBandLeader View Post
    Hasbro has that scale all locked up.
    So then what's the licensing loophole that allows Bandai to do figures in that same scale for their Figuarts line? Is it because it's a Japanese line not officially sold in the United States retail stores (except when imported by e-tailers like BBTS?). Well Gentle Giant products aren't sold at US retail either, so they shouldn't be considered direct retail competition for Hasbro's Black Series line or Disney's Elite line if GG wanted to pursue a 6" scale line of Kenner vintage figures. As I understand it, the Jumbo line is considered an adult collector's line sold specifically online, posing no threat to Hasbro's retail-focused market, so wouldn't the same be said for a 6" scale line if GG wanted to pursue it? I just don't see how Bandai can get away with doing that scale and you guys can't since both would be sold exclusively online.

    On a related note, does the same rule apply for the Super Powers license? I'd love to see you guys do 6" scale reproductions of the SP figures. Those might be more economically feasible than the 12" Jumbo line, and much easier to store or display. Would WB and/or Mattel say no to that for the same reasons Hasbro doesn't want you doing a 6" scale vintage Star Wars line? Just like with Bandai's Figuarts line, DCC is able do the same scale of DC characters, some of which are the exact same characters Mattel is currently doing in its own Mutliverse line, and yet DCC's lines aren't sold at retail so that seems to be the licensing loophole that allows them to not be viewed as direct competition for Mattel's Multiverse line. By that logic, it seems like you should be allowed to do a 6" scale Super Powers line under that same loophole if you wanted to.
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