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Thread: My Proto Rocket Fett Was Stolen

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    Quote Originally Posted by PMSbull View Post
    Hope you got the Police involved. I would be investigating every person that visited and their companions.
    I second this statement, and would be the only real logical way to go. There must be a Part 2 to this story once the dust settles some. If there were 50+ people roaming thru, then that is another story (would take longer) like a museum.
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    I texted Philip last night but wanted to post this here. I saw this one pop up on Ebay. It was just graded the last couple of months and is located in Dallas. I know Dallas Vintage Toys is reputable but maybe they bought it from the thief. The Ebay pics are not too clear:

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    Looking at the photo of the backside from the auction and the rear from the loose photo archive, it looks like 2 different Fetts. the L-slot hole isn't quite the same shape.

    Of course I could be wrong, but it looks off.
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    The great updated news was posted on the front page. Very happy.

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    Unbelievable! I'm glad it's been returned Philip. I've experienced some horrible things in the part 10 years that haven't had quite the same 'happy ending' and I feel sick about it every day despite having been so incredibly lucky to have put my life back together, get married, have a beautiful daughter, get an education, house, health etc etc. The fact that you've got/are getting back your items is a real victory that I hope you'll be able to reject upon with positivity. I guess life is all about how you cope and respond to the challenges that come your way. We've certainly never met but I recommend you do whatever it takes to leave this bad situation in the past. Although trust was broken, hopefully this thief will get what's coming to him and you can just move on and keep doing what you do best.
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    Very happy you got your Fett back, but sorry to hear it was taken by someone you knew.

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    Wow!!!! Who is this Carl - is he here on RS?

    Great news in the end, but what a terrible situation. Glad to see Phil has his Fett back.

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    Quote Originally Posted by darth_daddius View Post
    Wow!!!! Who is this Carl - is he here on RS?

    Great news in the end, but what a terrible situation. Glad to see Phil has his Fett back.

    I am 99.9999999999% I know who is. He looks to be inactive for close to year.

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    Sorry to hear about this . I know it's old news, but it's all over the RPF. Tons of support there and concern. Hope you get everything back. Really sorry about losing a trusted friend. That's the real hard part. Im sure the pain is worse, and I'm sorry for that. Good luck.

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    We can feel the best choice for us it is really a great and cool figure.
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