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Thread: My Proto Rocket Fett Was Stolen

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    Hope you got the Police involved. I would be investigating every person that visited and their companions.
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    Shared this thread on Tantive XI forums, just in case.
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    This is horrible! My guess is that it was a female guest with a large purse, or a male guest with a backpack since no break in was detected. I hope the thief has a sudden moral compass and returns it to you.
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    Nightmare, sorry to hear it. Hope the ******** get caught and you are reunited with it. Crappy start to the year for you.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MonkeyCrumb View Post

    Could this be it?? A reddit user named IntelWarrior posted this 3 days ago
    That is 100% a Poon Fett.
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    Awful news... Man, so sorry to hear this... With a grail like this, it will probably pop up somewhere. Like others have said, everyone is suspect who visited. I wish you good fortune on getting him back into your collection.
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    Hope you catch the scumbag who took him. Pardon the irony, but perhaps you could put a bounty on the figure:-)

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    Man this is horrible. I could just imagine the gut wrenching feeling, the pitfall in your stomach. Wow. That is messed up. I would imagine you maybe have a good idea who could of taken it. You must remember who came and went. Least you have all the possible suspects accounted for, but still the feeling of betrayal. I am sorry for you. That is terrible. KARMAis a &&&&& and will surely prevail.
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    TheRPF knows about this as well.
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    Very sorry to read about what happened and I hope it gets resolved quickly and you recover the item. I guess at this point you can write off as someone playing a prank, since I am sure they would have fessed up by now. I would think that it shouldn't be too difficult to track down the culprit. If there was no signs of forced entry then it had to be someone who recently visited and had access to it. I am sure you already have law enforcement involved. They will not be able to sell the item as it will be flagged...and if they were stupid enough to break it out of the grading authenticating case they would have a very difficult time doing anything with it because it would be questioned as to it was even real. Fingers crossed that everything will work out for you.

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