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Thread: Luke Jedi 77 back with SKU sticker made in Taiwan

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    Luke Jedi 77 back with SKU sticker made in Taiwan

    Hi I was wondering if someone knew the value of this luke Jedi 77 back with the rare SKU sticker in the left corner. The card says made in tiawan insted of the normal hong kong if that makes any difference. Its missing the pop but looks to be in otherwise OK shape. Thanks.

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    If anyone knows a value or how rare this cardback is could you please help. Thanks

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    $100 , don't think anyone cares about the sku sticker .

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    I think $100 may be a fair bit high. The SKU sticker will be desirable to a focus collector, but the cardback is in pretty average condition.

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    Sorry didn't bother to look , I thought it was a beater moc with the figure still on card , just card back , I myself wouldn't pay $10 with or without sku

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