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Thread: CHG Meeting

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    Hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas and has fun plans in store for New Year's Eve. The next CHG meeting is approaching at light speed! lol. Now that the star wars pun is out of the way the next CHG meeting will be Saturday January 13th at the Culvers in Johnson Creek. The meeting will start around 11am. Hope to see many of you there and hear all about your Star Wars filled Christmas's. Take care and May the Force be with us!!!

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    HELP! I am looking for two more 3.75" Walmart Black Series (super articulated) First Order STORMTROOPER (loose OR boxed). If you have one, please bring it to the next CHG meeting In Johnson Creek on Saturday. I'll pay you $13 each.

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    It’s looking likely for me now. Woo-hoo. Hope to be there by 11.

    Sorry - no extra FO SA troopers. I do have some other extra stuff though.....some older figs etc that have been sitting in my car a while. Always thought it would be fun to have a SW swap meet sometime. Would be fun to organize something like that. Not tomorrow, but someday....

    Anway, hope to see y’all tomorrow.
    Seeking: T'ra Saa Comic Pack, Ahsoka -CW44, Revan lightsabers, Royal Starship, AT-ACT
    GM Cereal Pens - NEED:
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    Super fun seeing everybody!

    Yub Nub!

    Awesome raffleGlad that everyone got some of this vintage goodness

    Sorry to those who didn't make it...see you at the next one in march!
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