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Thread: 40th Anniversary Collection

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    Ummm, those look exactly like AFA cases. I hope AFA didn't get a patent on those otherwise this guy will be getting a nice letter from some lawyers before too long!

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    Quote Originally Posted by beagan View Post
    I've been away from RS for a bit, as the FB groups just have a ton of posts, pics, trades/sales and volume of information. That's where I found a guy in Florida selling acrylic cases for the 40th. Shipping is a bit much from coast to coast, but well worth it in my opinion. $22 each or $20 each if ordering 10+, plus shipping. I only tried out two cases at first to see if I liked them and I really do. After shipping, they were $33 each. I intend to order more soon. If you're interested, you just have to Messenger him (FB version of texting to Iain Sanderson). I was hesitant at first, but he's got raving reviews from many buyers and packages them really well.

    Do you have a Link to Some Auctions or website?

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    But hey, I just checked and they are $8 cheaper than the AFA ones, so definitely a better price. I LOVE the acrylic cases, but they've just gotten way too expensive.

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    Quote Originally Posted by KidBane View Post
    Why make figures on vintage cards when you could sell them in cheaper packaging, and then resell the same figure to the same people on vintage packaging. Win Win for Hasbro....

    I'm joking, but then again I think Hasbro is probably thinking this as they plan the next Vintage wave. "Which figures will they re-buy..."

    I think my quip may be starting to come true. JTA rumored that one of the upcoming waves will include Bespin Han, Dengar, and 4-LOM. Those are prime candidates for 40th Episode V vintage cards in three years time.

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    They fit fine for me. I have all 14 of those figures in their cases.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ramy View Post
    They fit fine for me. I have all 14 of those figures in their cases.
    Are you talking about the Figure Shield cases or the ones beagan mentioned?
    Wants: 40th anniversary Black Series wave 2: C-3PO;

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    Quote Originally Posted by dlogix View Post
    ^ Those look really great, AFA style cases. I really don't like the look of the Figure Shield cases myself. The two logos/tabs at the top distract from the figure. These look much classier...
    Totally agree. Those were too distracting for me to consider.

    Quote Originally Posted by DarthMickeyMoose View Post
    Do you have a Link to Some Auctions or website?
    Looks like they have them on their site now

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