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Thread: Coming Soon - Co Jo Dai's Display Room

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    Coming Soon - Co Jo Dai's Display Room

    After years of having my collection in storage, the time for a proper display room is coming.

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    Ooh, the possibilities! I'm eager to see more WIP pics.
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    Nice! Garage correct?
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    Was a garage, will be a Collecting Room and expanded laundry room. My space will end up being 15x19 with a 8x4 and 5x3 windows. Sadly we had budget issues with other parts of our remodel, so the little things (like display cases) are getting pushed back - I know, first world problems.

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    Small update: central air and electrical are done, insulation and drywall are going in next week.

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    Looks good! Pretty soon!
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    My entire collection is finally in my collecting room but the remodel is still continuing and I don't have my display cases yet (hopefully later this summer)

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    Fresh construction ? Perfect time to set up some flush-mounted in-the-wall displays ! Have fun !

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