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Thread: My Cabinet Of Curiosities

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    My Cabinet Of Curiosities

    ... when i look at every ones her/his collection, mine looks how to say this small, very very small. But anyhow, i will share it with you.

    ... this is it.

    I will show only the Star Wars stuff, because i collect few other items non-Star Wars related.

    ... i life in Belgium, and for us collectors, there are no stores or shop where we can easly find displays for action figures. Ordering them ... the shipping, the import made it 3 times more expensiver. So, i made the displays, with fruit crates. I noticed that my local market had / have fruit crates made of balsa wood. Why? ... i don't get it, balsa is expensive. So, i went to pick the empy ones up, they throw them away. And made displays of it.

    It's a mix from old & new stuff ... to divide old aka vintage with non vintage, i don't have many vintage stuff.

    Glass Cupboard:

    ... X-Wing Rebel Pilots, Snowspeeder Rebel Pilots & Airspeeder Rebel Pilot.

    ... A-Wing Rebel Pilots, B-Wing Rebel Pilots, Y-Wing Rebel Pilots, Tie (Rebel) Pilots, Rebel Pilot Crew, Rebel X-Wing Pilots (off duty), Rebel Merc Pilots, Yavin Honor Guards, Resistance X-Wing Pilots, Resistance Pilot Crew, Hera's.

    ... Random figures, Bespin Pilots, Millenium Falcon Crew, Alderaan Pilot, Naboo Pilots.

    ... euh some kind of Rebel Base, with loose stuff i found on conventions, jumble fairs, ...

    ... between these are a few Hasbro items. This are all 90% gifts, i cosplayed the last 10 years as a rebel pilot (Jek Porkins sized) ... the exhibitors, visitors, friends, ... knows i collect rebel/resistance pilots, and it happens i get free stuff they can not sale, because it's loose or the box is damaged.

    ... these are 146 pilot related figures + 2 Yavin Guards. It's not complete yet ... one B-Wing Pilot is missing, i went to pick it up at a friend his house, but after the visit i went home without the figure ... i hope in a few days to go it :p

    To be honest, i have to thanks Rebel Scum a lot, without this site i would never have a collection like this. For me Rebel Scum is my guide.
    Thank you guys for this.

    I have more Star Wars goodies, such as comics (Dark Horse), Props i made/make, Cosplay costumes, dvd's/blu-rays, books, mugs & glasses.

    I will post few more pictures, but now i must go to work.

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    What an amazing collection of pilots! I think it's great you make your displays from discarded fruit crates. I'd like to see some close-ups of your helmets, weapons, and ice cream maker!

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    Thank you Obi_Dan_Kenobi ...

    ... i don't think i'm allowed to post props in this topic, i have scrolled yesterday thru the forum, and seen threads, where i can post props.
    As soon i posted a thread about it, i will inform you.

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    The balsa wood displays looks great.
    The answer to every Star Wars question ever:
    Its just a movie!!!!!!!!!!

    Feedback BST
    I love this Bar!

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    Collection in detail + text ...

    ... Darth Maul (applause) was a gift from my mother.

    ... X-Wing Pilots with Leg Flares Left - complete.

    ... Snowspeeder / Airspeeder Pilots - complete.

    ... X-Wing Rebel Pilots with Leg Flares Right - complete.

    ... A-Wing Rebel Pilots

    ... B-Wing Rebel Pilots

    ... Y-Wing Rebel Pilots

    ... Tie Rebel Pilots, Rebel Pilot Crew, Rebel X-Wing Pilots (off duty), Rebel Speeder Bike Pilot, Rebel Merc Pilots

    ... X-Wing Pilots, U-Wing Pilot, Pilot Crew, VCX-100 Light Freighter Ghost Pilots.

    ... Random figures that i like/love.

    ... Bespin Pilots & Millenium Falcon Crew.

    ... Naboo Pilots.

    ... Glasses & Mugs, all gifts.

    ... Orange Mix.

    ... Cars Collection, Rebel / Resistance Themed.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Obi_Dan_Kenobi View Post
    What an amazing collection of pilots! I think it's great you make your displays from discarded fruit crates. I'd like to see some close-ups of your helmets, weapons, and ice cream maker!
    This is it:

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    the newest member of my collection is arrived:

    thanks to this member it made my collection of B-Wing Pilots complete:
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    That's an impressive collection of pilots!

    Fun trivia: for those who do not know German, the word for "cabinet of curiosities" is "Kunstkammer."
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    WTB: SSC PF Asajj Ventress (EE)

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    Thank you Lady_Macbeth

    ... " Cabinet Of Curiosities " in Flemish (my language) is " rariteiten kabinet "

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    Very nice display! You've got a nice mix of figures and other collectibles. And enough pilots for your own fleet!

    Question, in the display next to the Baroness figures, what is the viewport/chairs from?
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