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Thread: My Cabinet Of Curiosities

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    that's my rebel base

    i found these pieces, on a flea market, and comes from this star trek playset ... ...

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    ... new pilot in my collection, i have now the two versions of Captain Cassian Andor, it's indeed a slight repaint.

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    Autumn is coming, during spring and specially summer i go offline ... i don't want to spend time on a computer, i'm techno primate, i don't have a cellphone, or smartphone, or tablet, or laptop.
    I forgot a bit how everything works ... cross fingers i post everything correctly.

    Photobucket pffffff owkay ... to expensive, i don't have Visa (due Belgian laws i'm not allowed to have one (health reason, income to low)), as i don't have a Visa, i can not activate a PayPal account, so all my pictures on Photobucket are lost. No tears, time for new memory's and sharing stuff.

    ... since my last pictures, my collection is updated:

    This are my last purge: ... they come from over the whole world (France, UK, USA, South Korea, ...) received Wednesday 6 September 2017, after waiting few months. So long i get stuff i order i'm happy.

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    Few weeks ago, with the last rays sunshines, i made an outdoor photoshoot, of my stuff ...

    - A-Wing Pilots
    - B-Wing Pilots
    - Y-Wing Pilots

    - X-Wing Pilots LFR
    - Snowspeeder Pilots
    - X-Wing Pilots LFL

    - Rebel Tie Pilots
    - Rebel Pilots (one of the double was to costumize).
    - Rebel Merc. Pilots

    - Airspeeder Pilots
    - Bespint Tibana Miners
    - Alderaan Pilots

    - Naboo Pilots
    - Bespin Pilots
    - Millenium Falcon Crew

    - Rebels Pilots + Crew
    - U-Wing Pilots + Crew
    - Resistance Pilots + Crew

    - Random Figures III "The Good Guys"
    - Random Figures I "The Bad Guys"
    - Random Figures II "The Droids"

    More Star Wars related stuff in my crypte:

    - Hot Wheels, Rebel Pilot theme stuff ... a lot of these things are gifts. I normally would not collect these things, but i got the for free (i'm an oldschool Punk, i love free stuff), so i have keep them.

    ... Rebel/Resistance Pilot stuff, you would not believe it, but i got a lot of those items for free, gifts. Wookie water sucker rules, and works great, and size is also great.

    - Star Wars DVD/Blu-Ray collection.

    ... yeah i love Orange, sorry. Prop, is homemade i call it the Dark MachetÚ.

    ... i call this more Star Wars clutter, the props Helmets & Blasters are homemade. Next to collecting i'm also into Cosplaying.

    ... more homemade props, the blasters, some are just repaints, and the two blue ones need to be repainted.

    - The boxes contains different comics, i only collect The Dark Horse comics.
    - Prop (Willrow Hood Ice Cream Bucket) is a home made.

    As you seen i have other stuff i collect: Go Naga´, Clown/Violator, Cobra Baroness, and few random things.
    I'm looking for loose (but complete) stuff.

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    ... since Wednesday 6 September 2017, arrived.

    As i has written, i don't own Visa/Mastercard ... i don not have right on those type of cards, this of a Belgian law, i have health issues - because of that i'm invalid - as the sickness is still in me i wear the stam risk case - and of that my income is to low. Because of those reasons i can't get a Visa/Mastercard.

    I have an IBAN, so everything within the E.U. i can pay/order ... for PayPal and outside E.U. i can't. But, i found some one who is an expert of E-Bay and finding stuff for the best price. If it's possible i choose loose / complete and in a good condition, because it's cheaper. I give that guy/friend a list of what i'm looking for, and i pay himm. He is searching and ordering for me.

    This is an update of my collection:

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    ... the cheapest way to make new action figures, switch heads. And with this action, my collection of new republic dress uniform action figures is (sort of) complete.

    I blame Rebelscum (who i love/like) for it: >! < i have look around for this figure, i thought it was some kind of rare version, like sometimes happens with Hasbro. Asked around for this Tycho version.

    So i just decided to order another Tycho ( ) A-Wing pilot, and just switch the heads.
    Let's hope Rebelscum did the same, if not the search continues.

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    The Shelfs ...

    ... it's something i made with bits and parts i found on conventions, flea markets, ...

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