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    Complete loose set


    I am finally going to get the information to my insurance company about my collectibles. I need to give them a ballpark figure on the value of my complete vintage set of figures. I have all weapons for each figure as well. The set is in a custom built acrylic case as well. I understand that some figures are in better shape then others but I would say that 75% of them are in very good shape. All of the POTF figures are in top shape. Thanks for any input on what I should tell them.

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    Rock, no offense, but you've been doing this longer than I have and have sold me some awesome stuff in the past. You know what it's worth, you really want some dude who has been a forum member for 3 months giving you input on this? So, here is my uniformed guess at a "complete" loose set in custom display. I'd venture to say $5000 USD.

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    I agree with the above. Throw in variants, Rebo Band, Wampa, Jabba and Blue Snag and you can hit that number no problem. You can always insure for more than less if you think the POTF ones are in off the card condition. Make sure your company understands these cannot be replaced with new in the store figures or they might want to only give you that replacement value should something ever happen. Some insurance companies gave special riders for collectibles so double check that.

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    Thanks for the input guys! I appreciate it. I meet with my insurance agent in a couple of weeks with my list of items.
    "I find your lack of faith disturbing"
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