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Thread: black scout trooper helmet guy by the odinson

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    black scout trooper helmet guy by the odinson

    the dude from rogue one with the black biker scout helmet.
    i've seen rogue one twice, and both times this guy stood out to me. he's a soldier of saw gerrera, seen for a brief second when bodhi first turns himself in to saw.
    I tried to find reference pics, but failed miserably, so all i had to go on was what i remembered from the movie and a general sense of what saw's troops on jedha would look like. he's mostly gi joe parts with a POTF2 biker scout head.

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    Looks good! I share your pain on finding reference photos. The Artbook might have a sketch though. I eventually want to make this figure as well.

    IDK if this is true or not, but someone aid your dude is a chick.

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    After seeing the movie on DVD it is still hard to get a good pic of this rebel/partisan.
    Your fig looks pretty good.

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    after a few iffy screen shots this i think this is close as I'm gonna get. i realize the upper right arm an lower arms aren't entirely accurate, but i like the way they look so screw it.

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