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Thread: Lieutenant Taidu Sefla

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    Up for pre-order on, if you want to pay $25 plus shipping for it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by meshadowfax View Post
    Up for pre-order on, if you want to pay $25 plus shipping for it.
    Just wait for it to be sold direct from Amazon. It'll be retail price.

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    ^ ideally YES, but there is no guarantee of that. So far this as e is following pattern of 2013 yoda card wave- made it to Canada ( thru same seller(s) oddly enough) and this onto Amazon USA thru the seller, not direct Amazon. Reports also claim these were found in Mexico. So why Canada and Mexico but not USA? I found it peculiar that hasbro named Amazon specifically. May be a subliminal message that these may only see USA thru Amazon 3rd party sellers. Sure, they are higher but going the the 3rd oaths own site, not thru Amazon, price averaged 11.65 per fig. Not real bad if consider the extra 3 bucks and change balancing out against time and had wasted. As far as the extra 2...welk they are army builders so they may be easier to unload than say if repacks were leia, rey, Kylo, cassian, kanan or jyn.

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    Wasn't expecting until next week or so but came home to this...

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