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Thread: How many times have you watched Rogue One?

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    Quote Originally Posted by sinkie View Post
    diversity = racism?


    segregation = racism.

    If you're going to use words as if they were numbers in semi-logical (if not self-serving) formulas at least try to get your terms straight.

    Diversity means a multitude of voices and cultures co-existing and interacting in the same space/cultural milieu in relative peace if not at least through civil dialogue on equal footing. The very opposite of segregation and cultural isolationism.

    And to point the finger at people of certain heritages feeling more comfortable amongst those with similar backgrounds as "racism" is putting the horse before the cart. I would suggest that deep, unconscious racist tendencies and unexamined prejudices often make it difficult for those not fitting the status quo to feel welcome amongst the cultural majority which on a purely human day-to-day level can be mentally taxing and depressing and looking for respite is completely comprehensible. It's totally self-serving when people try to put all the onus on minorities to make things right through their behaviour while the majority get to continue on with their own, unconscious habits and choices that keep them feeling integrated (much more easily) into the dominant culture.

    But I'm with lister on this. Seems much more likely than some sort of reverse-racism conspiracy theory.

    I believe Cobalt was critical of the media’s-- and SJWs’ hypocritical brand of "diversity", and such trendy SJWing topics as “cultural appropriation!”— which equals self-segregation… Or, as it relates to the discussion at hand, actually demanding Black actors be given a lead role for no other reason than they’re Black (isn’t that what JJ was bragging and boasting about? That he had to have a Black lead for TFA…?) I don’t get the impression that the majority here are against genuine diversity of people of all races/ cultures/ religion coming together.

    And Cobalt’s right: This nuDiversity is nuRacism. It’s repositioned segregation rather than coming together. And foolish, easily-swayed people, who are too afraid to offend any sensibilities, are going along with it because it’s imposed by a certain demographic of POC/ certain political types who need to keep people divided so they can always rely on the entitled, victim-card. Just sad. And when “diversity 101” is enforced in everything, every place, then it looses its individuality, becoming generic, homogenous… Coming from corporations, it’s just nothing more than to “diversify’ their profits by attracting a wider demographic. Maybe they’re genuine, and really want to represent every people equally… (they don’t).

    This brand of enabling and entitling selective-discrmination for certain peoples only divides people further. We need to treat all people equally without bringing up and shaming certain people for the injustices/crimes of the past, and move on together. It’s so trendy to play victim these days and not take responsibility for one’s actions and words: That’s the collective mentality of SJW and the Tumblr crowd. People may think that the ignorance and bigotry someone like John Boyega is spewing on a public forum like GQ is “just how he feels about Hollywood”. But it’s so irresponsible since it’s just the same thing as what a White bigot in the 1950s would have said about POC… And that’s not accepted at the least, so why should John’s bigotry be accepted now in 2017? (PC answer:Because he’s Black and entitled.)

    Apologies for getting a tad in-depth with the ever-sensitive topic of SJW-ing, but when Disney, its directors and actors are pushing it as a selling point, I have a right to push back when I see through their transparent gimmicks. Because, at its best, the SW-aesthetic infused so many design elements of various cultures so effortlessly that most aren’t even aware of it. And nowhere was that more masterfully realized than in TPM. That’s why despite its shortcomings as a film, I adore that film to death. Interestingly enough, nuSW is so bland, monotonous and lacking in any multi-cultural influences in its aesthetic; I suspect that brand of soullessness is a result of careful market research to not offend the slightest of sensibilities… The Sequel is like the byproduct of Taylor Swift and Bruno Marrs: Zzzzzzzzzzz...
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