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Thread: How many times have you watched Rogue One?

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    Lost count good to see Ponda and the Doc in it . The last 10 minutes were awesome .

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    Once (back in December, in the cinema), and although it was fine, I don't really have a desire to rewatch it.
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    I think like 8 times total. even better the second time around IMO for a few reasons, but nothing crazy.

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    Once, would have watched it again if they don't recut and remake everything.
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    I've only seen it twice. Still enjoyable though.

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    I have seen it three times and truly enjoyed it more with each viewing.

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    I watch the last 5 minutes or so every now and then, so good to see Vader as the monster we were always told he was.

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    Was surprised to see this listed on Netflix! I've seen all the other SW films on there when in other countries, but this is the first time I've seen any of them on here in the States.
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