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Thread: Death Trooper Specialist Mini Bust Exclusive ( CREW 2015 )

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    *Since, the "free" image hosting website I've been using for the last 12 years to host my pictures for this website has changed image policy without previous notice, and now wants $400.00 a year for a subscription to host images, and since they have blocked the view of over 1,000 pictures I've done for this site, I've chosen a different image hosting site and I'm re-posting the images I worked on at the beginning of this thread in an effort to have the images recorded for reference. Thank you for your understanding


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    Quote Originally Posted by OCWanKenobi View Post
    I would keep it. The way I see it. You say you got a good price. And if you saw that damage would you pay 75% of what you paid for it? that is your question. And these things are not popping up every day. good luck.
    That's great advice! The ES for this was 2600, so they're out there if you want to send it back and hold out on another one popping up, but since you are in the U.K. and have to factor in shipping costs you have to factor that into your decision as well or hope another one pops up close to you again.

    I don't know what 25% translates too, but I don't think that would be enough for me unless you got it cheap enough to begin with. Good luck!

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