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Thread: Unproduced/Cancelled SW Mighty Muggs

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    Unproduced/Cancelled SW Mighty Muggs

    It looks like I was just able to purchase some Mighty Muggs that were never produced. I knew about Ahsoka and found out about a proposed queen Amidala and a friend told me they were going to make a Jawa but I should also be getting a Ponda Baba and a Dengar in addition to those others mentioned. I'll post photos when they arrive.

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    So now im the owner of the entire set of mighty muggs plus a few duplicates.....and these 5 unproduced ones. :-)

    From a US Hasbro source

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    Oh wow those are really nice! Congrats!
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    I absolutely LOVE that Ahsoka!
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    I'm not a Mighty Muggs collector, but those are pretty cool.

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