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Thread: Hot Toys Snowtrooper

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sergiu View Post

    And that is the ugliest and less accurate of the bunch
    If I had to select the most accurate in terms of these products, the Hot toys would be the most accurate with the SSC Snowtrooper being the least accurate, mainly due to the helmet, backpack and some minor issues with the chest details. I don't own the Premium Format yet, but it's largely pretty accurate from the pics. The helmet could be a bit better in the goggles/eyes, and a few minor details that are incorrect but still holds up to scrutiny over the SSC version.

    The Hot Toys version is probably the closest to "screen accurate" a toy can get to be completely honest. The helmet rivet should be either a brass or silver color rather than just a blank detail. The cowl material, for the scale of the figure, is accurate, as well as the under-cowl's shape. I'm also pleased that they didn't "paint" on the lenses and used a very accurate shade of green film.

    If I were to be extremely picky on details, I'd go as far as to criticize the constant use of "open" forearm cuffs and that the knee-pad's elastic is suppose to be very wide VS a narrow strip of material. Furthermore, I could critique the method of how they have the backpack and chest rig strapping, as that's wholly inaccurate, a point which is actually arguably more accurate on the SSC snowtrooper.

    I've got the Hot Toys Deluxe version and love them. I was planning to make a video review which would be specifically to cover the inaccuracies and inaccuracies of the figure. Just hadn't gotten around to it.

    But yea, bottom line, in order of accuracy, to date:

    1. Hot Toys
    2. Premium Format
    3. SSC

    Of course, not even getting into the other collectables out there

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    Quote Originally Posted by jedisquared View Post
    I reached out to Sideshow thru customer service after the backlash over the visor, etc. I even included screen grabs & pictures. The CSR assured me they will pass them on to product development, we'll see.
    Funny, I did the same thing about the helmet the day after Celebration Orlando ended after seeing the figure in person. Glad I'm not the only one sending them analysis and comparison pictures. I'm glad that they did actually resculpt it.

    I literally told them that they should have used the Hot Toys snowtrooper helmet as the starting point and just extended the face off from that, since the Hot Toys version is the best they'd get in terms of accuracy

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    Thanks to Sergiu for his expertise, input, faith...and especially his comparison pix.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jedisquared View Post
    Thanks to Sergiu for his expertise, input, faith...and especially his comparison pix.


    Collecting has the permanence of herpes, it mutates, but doesn't go away

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    The second regular stand arrived (special thanks to a good friend), so both my HT Snowtroopers can be displayed properly now. I still have the extra accessories, but most likely will never use them. Here are the Snowies:

    Sideshow Snowtrooper figure with Hot Toys helmet - comparison to a Hot Toys Snowie. In my opinion the Sideshow figure looks pretty cool, decently accurate, but the original helmet with tiny eyes and weirdly shaped cowl is the worst part part of this figure. Thus I got a separate HT helmet, because I decided to keep the Sideshow figure as well:


    Collecting has the permanence of herpes, it mutates, but doesn't go away

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    Yea the HT helmet on the SSC snowy makes it 100x better looking. I don't think I'll bother to invest in getting another HT helmet just for that, but as a collectable I'm fine leaving the SSC one as is.

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