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Thread: Elite Series PREMIUM Action Figures revealed (not Die Cast)

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    I was up in TN today and stopped by the Disney store at Opry Mills.Picked up the Premium Vader and another Death trooper.They were on sale for 14.99.
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    Quote Originally Posted by dkwookie View Post
    I wonder if this line is going to continue. Disney have reduced these figures to almost the Hasbro shampoo bottle price. I have the full set of these and was hoping to get at the least a Stormtrooper but my hopes are dying
    i hope so, I really wanted a Han solo, i really love how poseable they are and i already have the leia one.. :3
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    I just picked up the last premium Darth Vader at the Disney Store for $14.99 and all the talking Star Wars figures/Items such as Yoda and BB 8 are on sale for $20, so there half off. Needless to say I picked up BB8 and Yoda. Didn't see an R2.

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    got all of the die cast R1 figures for 5 a pop online, use code BONUS50

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    Holy hell, I just got a Krennic for $7.50! The store has them at $10 and there is an additional 25% off everything SW this weekend! The other 10"-11" scale figures they had were Death Trooper, Jyn, Rey, and Kylo Ren. $7.50!!!
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