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Thread: Captain Cassian Andor

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    Yep, as well. Never saw him locally.

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    Me too. Never saw him anywhere. Our anyone from thks wave but Jyn. I'm hopeful he'll get a TVC re-release

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    Quote Originally Posted by Maverick10126 View Post
    Is anyone still looking for this guy??
    EVERYONE is still looking this guy.
    Hasbro, if you're listening, REBEL PILOT MULTIPACK! Rogue One: Antoc Merrick, Blue Leader. A New Hope: Theron Nett, Red 10. Empire Strikes Back: Rogue 4, Hobbie Klivian Snowspeeder. Return of the Jedi: Horten Salm, Gray Leader. All easy kitbashes, all unique, a guaranteed best seller.

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    Still haven't seen him in Canada.
    Praetorian Guard from Guardians of evil 4 pack or just his head and weapons as I plan to swap it out with single pack one.
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    Quote Originally Posted by wedgeswingman View Post
    EVERYONE is still looking this guy.
    Seriously?? My WM has a ton. Probably at least 10. Maybe more. They are on clearance at $6 right now.

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    I could use two of them if you're willing.
    Looking for:Jedi Temple Guard X2, R3-H17 Have: MU Rogue Captain America, Grim Reaper, WW Hulk. SW:Rebels Stormtroopers from 2-pks X2, IG-RM. 6" Snowtrooper, AT-AT Driver Sale List, Trade List, Non SW trades & Feedback

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    Same here. It's crazy how some haven't seen any and others are swimming in them.

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    The Walmarts in my area never got him nor the Scarif Trooper.

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    I guess I'll load up on these guys. I recently moved so things have been a little chaotic on my end so I apologize to anyone who asked me to pick up figures for them that I never got back to. But I can now, so let me know.

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